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Charity & Trustees

Board of Deputies at the AGM held March 2017

(From  left to right) Deputies: Paul Ross, Susan Cave, Andrew Marriott, Robert Staines Peter Bates and Barry Daniell, (seated) Christine Brookes, Wayne Manship, Lynn Roffee, (Chairman), Maurice Hill and Brian Mudford

How to Become a Deputy

Any hereditary Freeman of the City of Leicester who is resident within the County of Leicestershire can apply to be appointed as a Deputy (Trustee).

The only exceptions to this are:-

  • Anyone who has been convicted of an offence involving deception or dishonesty unless the conviction is spent.

  • Anyone who is an un-discharged bankrupt.

  • Anyone who has previously been removed from trusteeship of a charity by the court or the Charity Commissioners.

  • Anyone who is under a disqualification order under the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986.

  • Anyone who is either a beneficiary or an employee of the Charity.

  • Anyone who is a relative of an employee of the Charity.

  • A deputy nomination form needs to be completed by the applicant (contact the Clerk for more details). This needs to be proposed and seconded by two Freemen of the City of Leicester who also reside in Leicestershire. Applications are then considered by the Board of Deputies.

  • There will be an election if more than 21 Deputies are nominated at the time of the AGM. An election of the Deputies shall take place on the second Tuesday in the month of March as necessary. If the number of valid nominations is less than that of the vacancies then no election is necessary.

Leicester Freemen's Estate & Charity Trustees

The Leicester Freemen’s Estate is a registered charity and the board members, referred to as Deputies, are trustees to the charity. The current board are pictured above at the 2017 AGM. Scroll down for individual pictures.

The Board of Deputies is the governing body of the Charity, responsible for establishing and implementing the aims and objectives contained in its mission statement, and for its on-going management.

Mission statement

“To administer and manage the Leicester Freemen's Estate Charity for the benefit of Freemen of the City of Leicester, their widows, widowers and future generations of Freemen.”

Up to 21 Deputies may serve on the Board and during 2017 the Board was made up of 14 Deputies who met quarterly to review the workings of five sub-committees. Responsibility is delegated to the sub-committees. Four of the five sub-committees met every six weeks to focus on various aspects of the Charity: General Purpose, Planning, Welfare, Property & Estates. The Finance sub-committee met monthly throughout the year. All Deputies serve on the Board and are also appointed to other sub-committees at each AGM.

As of 1st January 2018 there were 13 Deputies who sat on the Board.

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