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Bungalows at Freemen's Holt

The bungalows at Freemen's Holt are light and airy with good sized rooms.

The properties can be made very comfortable in either traditional or contempory styles. 

You can add your own touches to make the bungalow your home for life.

The floor plans are available in pdf format click the link below, rotate the image and zoom in to see more details of room sizes.Use the right click button on your mouse to get the options up

Book your viewing by calling the office on 0116 283 4017 any time on Monday to Thursday during office hours 

All of our bungalows are slightly different, documents attached are for illustration purposes only.
Bungalows 11, 12 & Community Centre with

How Do I Apply?

Aged, needy Freemen or a Freemen's widow or widower may apply to live at Freemen's Holt


The meaning of Aged is generally accepted as over the state pension age, however, if a person has other needs, this will be taken into account by the deputies when they review all submitted applications


This has many meanings including being in poor health, not being able to manage stairs or the maintenance of a house and/or garden as well as not being able to manage the on-going costs of maintenance on a property. Property owners can sometimes be asset rich and cash poor. There are many instances of being needy, all of which will be taken into account by the Deputies.

Enquiries should be made by calling 0116 283 4017 or via the Contact Us page of the website or by clicking the button below. Your details will be taken and an application form will then be sent for you to complete along with a stamped address envelope as necessary.

The deputies will arrange to visit applicants at a mutually convenient time to ensure that they have all the necessary information to make a decision to allocate a property.   

All applications will be considered when a bungalow becomes available and the property will be allocated to the most “needy” applicant at that time

About Freemen's Holt

The last parcel of land owned by the Freemen was 70 acres known as Freemen's Common and here in 1856 the first cottages were built to accommodate aged needy Freemen and Freemen’s widows. These were not separate cottages but were all contained within one building.

By 1968 the Freemen had sold and disposed of all their lands to the Leicester City Council, under a compulsory purchase agreement. With the proceeds of the sale 7.5 acres of land at Aylestone known as the Holt was purchased on which the Freemen have constructed a small estate comprising of 36 bungalows, a community hall, an estate office and allotments. This is now known as “Freemen’s Holt”.

The bungalows that have been constructed here are for occupancy by aged needy Freemen and their spouses, widows or widowers. They replaced the Victorian cottages previously referred to which are now used as the University Health Centre.

All of the bungalows and the estate generally are designed to be disabled friendly. The bungalows are unfurnished, double glazed, central heated and each has it’s own private patio garden. Each bungalow consists of a double bedroom, lounge, galley kitchen and wetroom. A long term plan is currently underway to convert a small number of bungalows by the addition of a second double bedroom.

All bungalows are fitted with smoke alarms and emergency call equipment monitored 24 hours a day by the office staff during working hours and the Leicester Housing Association at other times.

The inside of the bungalows are light and airy and they can be adapted to almost any style. The traditional and modern are both suitable. There is a patio area with seating and views along the canal which forms one of the boundaries to the estate, a small fishing stage for any would be anglers, a number of peaceful seating areas to contemplate the natural surroundings and a pond again with seating.

There are a small number of allotments on site and these are available to any Freeman or Freeman’s widow, widower, resident or non-resident who would like to garden. Above the estate office we have furnished accommodation that is available at a very modest charge for visitors to the Holt wishing to stay overnight.

Within easy walking distance of the gates of the Holt are a wide range of shops, a post office and an excellent bus service into the city, Fosse Park and other places of interest.

The doctors surgery and chemist are also within easy walking access and a choice of other surgeries covering the area may considered as an option by residents.

Summing up the Holt is a very pleasant and peaceful place to live situated behind St Andrews church it is private and secure. Living at the Holt means that you have security, peace of mind and the freedom to lead your own life.

No permission will be given to bury or scatter ashes on the Freemen's Holt estate. 
We ask all Freemen and their family & friends to respect this rule.
Thank you.


Freemen's Holt Gallery

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